Love, Hate and Everything in Between

by Leonardo Seco

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released March 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Leonardo Seco San Jose, Costa Rica

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Track Name: Open the door
And as I turn to the road, reminiscing alone
It's taken time, settling down, feeling that there's no tomorrow
And as I fail to realize that the cause is lost
No matter how many times I just hoped to spare the sorrow

I saw this glowing dream being, this magnificent queen
It seems a crime, looking back, knowing that the fight is over
And for me, it was you, tall and wicked kind
It was hope and the chance, to be with my desired lover

When love turns sour, feelings locked inside
When hate is over, you talk of how you kept your stance
I'm remembering, the way it all began
But now it's over, it's time for a new romance oh yeah

But who was I to believe in this dream of case?
When I was feeling trapped, living in a cage
Try to think that in the end this could turn into
My own shot at winning

And who I was to try to feel like a man in love
When I hadn't even think I'd make it back from war
Just to think that in the end this could turn into
This dreamed chance I'd been dreaming of
Track Name: Sympathy
Tired of waiting for some sympathy
It's enough for me, I'm outta here
Bored of having damaged dignity
I'm closing this, I'm flying free

It may not be a reason for you
It's not time to say that I'm through
But I won't stand waiting so
Bye, girl, your lover's not coming back
(don't try girl, you simply tore me down)

So I stopped believing love is anarchy
It was too much for me, I chose being free
After months of simple apathy
I'm closing this, it's time for me

Stop believing you are innocent and face the truth
You are not the victim of a crime
Stop pretending I'm ungrateful this you'll find in time
You're dangerous
Stop your fighting, it's all over I'm not coming back
You thought I'd always stay to fight
So stop your crying, it's your fault just as it was mine
You're dangerous
Track Name: Showstoppin'
You're showstoppin', so original
You're hardcore, bound to end in war
You're showstoppin and you ain't so logical
Don't be late, it's your turn to play the game

You're showstoppin, loud and magical
So intense, this is bound to end in war
You're showstoppin, a bit hysterical
Leave it all, it's your turn to take the ball

And babe, the energy was surreal
It was bound to end so tragic
Ooh, and boy, I said from the start, this was a possible disaster

You're showstoppin', so smart and quizzical
So immense, you're bound to blow it all
So keep walking, cause the danger's all round
It's my turn to really go unbound

Oh and girl, just make sure I don't look back
Cause I think I won't be able to recover
Just be sure I don't keep you trail
Cause it'll be a game of pass or fail

You're showstoppin', so original
So hardcore, you're bound to end in war
Keep on walking cause the danger's all around
Don't be late, it's your turn to play the game
Leave it all, it's your turn to take the ball
After this I'm bound to end insane!
Track Name: The Time of Day
It is now that time of day
When the pain starts passing through
You didn't just run away
You took my will to love with you
But it's all right, I won't fight
I'll keep my memories filed in peace
I feel space, a type of haze
But I still want to stay in a píece

And while I discovered I have a heart
It was a bit too much to risk
And though I'm grateful I feel in love
I have to say, I wasn't expecting this

And I am strong, I won't feel alone
I was ready to turn the page
It won't be long but the harm is done
As I have people come and go
Track Name: Still here
I know that it all feels complicated
I know cause you seem anxious to me
But please I ask you not to feel frustrated
The pain will go and you'll still be here

Trust me you're not the first or the last one
It's this wicked life that gives and takes
You lost control, you miss the joy
Lost the trail and forgot the way
Girl you've got a lot to say

So baby, your case feels complicated
But I want to ask you to wait and see
I ask you to please not feel frustrated
The answer will come in time you'll see

You've lived a role, as if you were a toy
Living your days without true joy
It wasn't right, you missed the light
You got real tired of spitting fire
Girl you've got a lot to say
Track Name: Through my babies' eyes
I've taken my time to reflect on life
Feeling I was leaving on the peak of time
But my balance seems to say that I haven't left a thing

But If I ever spoke of things that I didn't see
And cried for the places where I wouldn't be
I now get to live forever in my lovely babies' eyes

Even if I say that I felt afraid
Anguished for the voyage that now laid ahead
I got to plan and say the things I always wanted to say

But if this was what life had in store for me
Then I thank my lucky stars that I chose living free
I leave feeling proud that cried, loved and always lived

Let it go, let it go
Now it's time to heal and smile
I'll be free, and I'll be with you for evermore
Don't you cry, cause I pray
I'm as lucky as a man could say
To get to see life through my beautiful babies' eyes

To you I say, it's time for sending me
I know that all have had shed a tear or two for me
And that makes me feel it's enough to feel brave and free

My prettiest years where the ones I lived
Surrounded by the beauty of my family
Now my heart gets to rest where it always wanted to be


Try, to see
I go; I'm free
I'll live, I'll fly in
My babies eyes

Now I ask you all to turn to the road instead
To remember me with smiles and for the jokes I said
I got to say goodbye and this makes me a lucky man

Now it is my turn to leave you all
To pave the way ahead until we meet again
Cause someone with my smile is bound to open the door

And as I go, I close these lines
Cause I know I won the biggest the prize
To get to see life through my beautiful babies' eyes
You'll see me living in my beautiful babies' eyes
You'll see me forever, in my beautiful babies' eyes
Track Name: Walking on my own
I´m feeling brave and I´m feeling tall
And I found out a heart above all
Now it's time, to fight for the prize

Cause she's coming back, with this kind of attack
And this time I know, that I won't backtrack
I know it's my time, to keep the prize

But it´s been too long waiting for reasons to smile
I discovered I'm defending a cause that ain't mine
It's been too long waiting for some joy to stop by
Waiting to really claim what I think that is mine

And I know that people we´ll be talking
But I´ll keep on walking on my own (2nd voice: I'll figure out the way on my own)
Maybe they'll keep on criticizing
But I'll sure be happy on my own (2nd voice: it sure feels nice, I don't mind, I don't mind)
I'm certain that they won't understand me
But I'm feeling crazy, that I know (2nd voice: I'm feeling fancy I'll try til I die)
I learned how to keep my act together
A broken heart ain't reason not to go

And don't try to steal, the illusion I feel
Cause I'm feeling brave, I'm tougher than steel
I'm standing still, not falling apart
Track Name: Goodbye
Two years later and we're still a theme
There's a stinging wound that still burns deep
And I see you, it's all so clear to me
You feel you need revenge and the culprit is me

You found ways, just to show that you're ok
That with your beauty you can play, you're taking your chance
This young femme fatale who'll get her men to pay
For things that they didn't say, you're making your plans

It's a mistake, I can swear
You've broken a true romance apart
You keep acting and accusing me of a mistaken type of crime
There's no way we can solve, darling
No way we can bounce back

You come back, just to show that you are fine
To make it clear that you're not mine, you're with some other fool now
But I ask you to stop, this charade will come undone
Your soul will hurt again and you'll end up alone

I'm all right
Though I have a lot to say
I prefer to go away
Not lose my sanity, to you

You're dismissed
You won't get to say goodbye
I once thought you were distinct
But you showed your face in time

Don't be sad,
I know what you're trying to do
Retribution for a crime on you
I hope you find your peace

I loved you, this thought has lingered long
It's fine to draw a line
But it's time to say good bye
Track Name: Hold on
Because I do miss you, I ask you to hold on
And I will kiss you, it won't be long
Let's show them they were wrong
That kindred souls do belong
We'll sing the world our song
A proof of love that's our own

We're not the first ones to try
And i wouldn't dare to make you cry
We'll build a story worth being told
That there's a prize for being bold

So proud to have found you, I promise I won't let go
If I could, I'd try to offer you the world
No frontiers to hold, 
our love, so let's go
Let's begin our life, 
as two parts of a whole

I wouldn't dare to make you cry
I know this love is worth a try
We'll make a story worth being told
We'll show them why we were so bold

You know that I love you and i won't let go
So let's begin our life as two parts of a whole
Just know that I love you I won't let go
And we'll begin our lives as two parts of a whole

And I want to try to make it real, it real
And live and cry and feel, and feel
And I will fight hard to bring you here, you here
And live and fight and feel and feel
Oh, oh oh
Track Name: Wishing
Playing this same thought a million times
No matter where I go or who I am

Tell me are you happy now
Tell me you are over me now
Have you found another love, baby?
Or are you hoping it's all a joke

I was wishing I would see you come walking down the road
After a long, long time, our eyes would cross, the spark would show
Maybe it's just a fantasy
Maybe it's just the way it's meant to be
Maybe it's bound to happen anytime
Maybe we'll just have to wait and see

Rest assured, my love for you won't die (it won't die on my mind anytime)
No matter how many times we say goodbye (Even though you must know I have tried)

Cause I've been loving you, for so long
It felt so real, say we'll be fine
I had you here with me, it was our time and you were mine

Tell me are you happy now
Tell me you are over me now
Have you found another love?
Or are you hoping it's all a joke
Track Name: Bye, Baby, Bye
There were feelings, don’t deny it
We felt the same, but couldn’t say
With an end in sight no point in telling
No point in begging when the path was clear
So bye, bye, baby, bye
I promise you this
I’ll see you again
Our story is far from done,
I want you by my side, so please don’t cry
The road ahead might look confusing
So many questions in our minds
Is there a future you might wonder
I think there’s nothing love can’t overcome

So bye, bye, baby, bye
I know that you and I’ll be together again
I promise you that I will do my very best
To fly into your arms

I know that it's time for this love to be
Cause I was patient I was free
Give it some time to think and feel
We'll be all we dreamed that we could be
I’m full of hope for a life together
It took so long for fate to bring us near
With time and patience we’ll be close forever
We’ll get to prove that you can dare to dream